Illustrator  /  Graphic Designer

Shuyi An is an artist based in London, UK.

Graduated with a distinction on BA Visual Communication, and a recent graduate of UAL with a Distinction in an MA in illustration.

Shuyi went to Florence, Italy for 6 months through an Overseas Campus, and had short courses in Art History and Fashion Design at Polimoda and the Academy of Fine arts of Florence.

Shuyi embraces a career to create memorable designs and illustrations for daily life as well as films and theatre. She pursuits a child-like style, with unfettered enjoyment of painting. She is fascinated to draw living creatures and her paintings depict the emotional description and relationships with narratives. Her paintings are blurred and smeared, heavily sketching based, with balanced layouts and designs. Shuyi hopes her paintings allow audiences to slowly interpret the stories and have surprising discoveries.

She welcomes creative & interesting projects, commissions!

Please send any inquiries to her at:

shuyi an - portfolio 

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